A colorful breakfast is the beginning of the day. You can create delicious, healthy and light delights in just a few minutes. So now hands off of processed food.

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict with Avocado Guacamole, baked tomato and Hawaii inspired Sauce Hollandaise.
Ham and Eggs
Hamm and Eggs enjoy mushrooms and start a new day
Eggs in Glass
Eggs in the glass can be enjoyed in different variations.
Herb Spread
Starting in the morning with herbs is the healthiest beginner. Decorated with edible flowers, it turns the day into a celebration.
Cheese bread with apple and an Earl Gray balances the stomach.
Gruyère on wholegrain bread is the best.
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For brunch you can grab reci-pes from all kinds of drawers depending on the occasion. What is important is the variety offered to the taste buds and your eyes as well.

Eggs Benedict a` la Truffle & Noodle

Zutaten Sauce Hollandaise:

1 Eigelb
1TL Zitronensaft
1TL Wasser
113g Butter
gute Prise Salz
1 kleine Hawaii chilischote oder prise Cayenne Pepper

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